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We are a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) serving rural areas in East Texas. We provide high speed internet to consumers and businesses using a network of towers in the Holly Lake Ranch and Lake Hake Hawkins area. You can see our packages and coverage map below. Please continue reading for more information about our service and how you can sign up!.

Customer satisfaction is our priority at DP Communications. We strive to deliver a quality of service that meets your needs. With our internet service you can use sites such as Netflix and Hulu to stream video in an area where cable and DSL are not available. You can use Voice over IP services without delays. Most importantly you can do all of these things without worrying about a monthly cap. Your service is virtually unlimited with DP Communications!

$45/month $60/month $90/month
1 Mbps Download
384 Kbps Upload
5 FREE Email Accounts
1.5 Mbps Download
512 Kbps Upload
10 FREE Email Accounts
2 Mbps Download
768 Kbps Upload
20 FREE Email Accounts

*The Professional Package or higher is recommended for video streaming.
**This is residential pricing please call for commercial pricing.

Installation includes a wireless antenna and modem with a power supply. Our technician will mount the antenna and modem on your roof or pole and run a cable to the location of your computer or router. For wireless inside your home, a wireless router is required. We can setup your wireless router for you! Our standard installation fee is $215.

Please note this coverage map is not definitive and a site survey is required to determine signal availability.

If you are interested in getting our high speed internet service, please contact one of our representatives to get started! We can explain in detail what is involved in the setup process, answer any questions you may have and schedule a site survey.

Call us now at (903) 769-3454!

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